About Us

Quixant Group is a critical supply chain and technology partner for major global industrial equipment manufacturers.

We empower our customers with specialist technology outsource solutions, enabling them to innovate where it matters most.

Our global reach as brands

Designs, develops and engineers gaming computers, software solutions and accessories for the wager-based gaming and sports betting industries. Established in 2005, Quixant is regarded as an integral component of the gaming sector, and intrinsic to its evolution. With game-changing technology, customer-centric capabilities and in-depth knowledge of regulations in all global markets, Quixant enables gaming pioneers to think outside the box.

Global specialists in Human Machine Interaction (HMI), Densitron innovate across control surfaces, control systems, displays and computing solutions. Established in 1970 and acquired by QXT in 2016, Densitron has over 40 years of pioneering, innovation-centric expertise. With a highly skilled in-house team of design and development engineers Densitron partner with global businesses to overcome technical challenges arising during product conceptualisation, design, manufacture and installation. Densitron push the boundaries of display technology to reduce customers’ exposure to risks and costs whilst accelerating speed-to-market.


Quixant plc

Depth of experience
Our global approach to innovation is always underpinned by a thorough local knowledge and understanding of cultural requirements. We support our customers wherever they are from the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy to China, Japan, UAE and Australia

Breadth of reach
Everything we do is designed to meet and exceed our customers’ objectives; acting as independent experts to make the very best choices for our customers. We are trusted partners, supporting our customers as far and wide as Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, UAE, New Zealand

Our family of experts
Employing over 225 engineers, developers and support staff across Europe, USA, Asia and Australia


Founded and Headquartered in UK

Now employing
145 Worldwide

Innovative engineering & development centre in Taiwan – now employing over 100 technically-talented individuals

Expanded its growth with Italian based development & maintenance centre and roles in Australia

USA becomes responsible for sales and support for our rapidly growing customer base

Significant customer base growth seen across Europe, the USA, Australasia, Asia and South America

Total customers
302 Worldwide



Founded in UK and employing personnel across UK, Taiwan, France, Germany, Slovenia, Japan & USA

Now employing
80 Worldwide

Customer base growth across Europe, the USA, Asia, Africa and Australasia
Further customer growth in UK & Europe and Japan, Holland and Germany

Total customers
558 Worldwide

We are world-leading software developers, hardware engineers and technical partners

Results driven

An inclusive culture that enables us to deliver growth through innovation.

People focussed

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